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Express Mail

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    It is a UPU service with the following size and weight limitations:
    Size and weight limits vary from country to country but in general, the sum of the length and the greatest circumference must not exceed 3 meters.
    In most countries a maximum weight limit of 30 kgs (per item) applies: however, some countries will only accept items weighing 10-15 kg.

    • All items accepted by Express Mail are insured (free of charge) against delay, loss or damage.
    • Free eShaar and mail inquiry service.
    • Track and trace service.
    • Proof of delivery.
    • The same charges apply within any given emirate and between the emirates.
    • Rates vary depending on the weight and destination of the postal item.
    • Fill out the application form.
    • Whenever an account holder wishes to send a document or parcel, he/she simply affixes an Express Mail label to the item (writing their Express Mail account number clearly in the space provided) and contact the Express Mail section of Emirates Post to arrange pick-up.
    • Account holders will be billed once every month; bills must be settled within two weeks of the date mentioned on the monthly statement.
    • Whenever the subscriber needs to send a document or parcel through the express mail service, the express mail label should be pasted on the shipment (the subscriber's express mail account number should be written clearly in the designated space) and the subscriber shall call the express mail department for pick-up.
    • The subscribers will receive monthly invoices payable within two days from the monthly statement date
    • The insurance scheme does not cover items that have been lost, damaged or delayed due to force majeure or due to the fault or negligence of the sender.
    • Fill up the commercial services subscription form
    • Once the application is processed, a unique express mail subscription number is issued to the subscriber along with a set of express mail labels
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