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Main Service: It is the basic service that can be obtained without the secondary/complementary services thereunder.

Sub-Service: It is a secondary service classified under the main service and can’t be obtained without the main service.

Complementary Service: It is a service classified under the main services and secondary services and may not be obtained without one of the main or secondary services.

e-Shaar: eShaar notification service notifies the customer through SMS sent to his mobile about incoming registered mail items or parcels.


Post Box Service (Main Service): A service offered to individual and corporate clients in all post offices, selected neighbourhoods through special shelters, building complexes and villas.

Corporate P.O. Box Service (Sub-Service): A P.O. Box rental service for corporate clients, offering a range of value additions and customized solutions.

Businesses Virtual P.O. Box (for Ezi-Mail customers only): The service is targeted at business centers and free zones, where the mail is delivered to the business center through Ezi-Mail service subscription. Customers who move from business center to an actual office may retain the virtual P.O. Box number, provided they subscribe to one of Ezi-Mail bundles.

Tejari BOX (Supplementary Service): A service for corporate customers with multiple trade licenses wherein they rent one P.O. Box for all their trade licenses issued in any Emirate as long as it is in the same owner’s name.

Agent Authorization (Supplementary Service): A service in which corporate customers can appoint an authorized agent to collect the incoming postal items, such as parcels and registered mail, from the counters at the post office.

Individual P.O. Box Bundles (Sub Service): A service for individual customers that allows them to choose a P.O. Box and delivery options, with value added benefits.

Mail Bag (Supplementary Service): A service forcustomers who receive large quantities of mail exceeding the capacity of their private post boxes wherein they can rent a personal Mail Bag.

Public P.O. Box (Sub Service). A servicethatprovides a UAE address to people who do not have individual P.O. boxes.

Local and International Letter Post Service (Main Service): A written, typed or printed communication, usually sealed in an envelope, sent by post from one party to another. Letters can be of a personal, legal or business nature, or printed material.

Registered Mail (Sub Service): A service available locally and internationally, in which the recipient signature is obtained on taking delivery of the mail.

Insured Mail (Sub Service): A postal insurance service that allows the sender to insure valuable items such as Letters and parcels to cover loss or damage in whole or in part.

Express Distribution (Supplementary Service): It is a value-addition to the registered mail service to grant a parcel priority in sorting.

Khaliji Express (Sub Service): This service targets businesses and individuals for sending and receiving express insured shipments to and from GCC countries

Express Mail Service “EMS” (Sub Service Category)

(EMS) is the quick and efficient way to send and receive urgent business documents and general items deemed 'top priority’. Express Mail delivers locally and internationally to more than 200 countries around the world.

Postage Paid (for companies only): This facility is available to corporates that send at least 1,000 Postal letters/items per month or 12,000 Postal letters/items per year, upon filling up a request form at Central Post Offices or Mail Exchange Centers.

Sealing Permits (for companies only): A service in which, for a nominal annual fee, subscribers can also take advantage of 'Sealing Permit' for sealing printed papers through special arrangement with Emirates Post Group.

Business Reply (for companies only): A service in which a company can offer its customers the opportunity to reply to its correspondence, free of charge; respondents simply place their letters in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Franking Machines (for individuals and companies): a service that allows companies to purchase a franking machine from any of the registered dealers and feed the mailinto the machine to automatically print the value of the postage paid on the top right-hand corner.        

Parcels (Main Service): Customers wishing to send parcels in UAE or internationally can benefit from this service at a competitive rate, as well as track and trace system to confirm delivery.

Mailroom Management Services (Sub Service): A service providing solutions in managing all the administrative support services related to the entire cycle of outsourced business requirements, including the delivery of the processed document(s) by the concerned entity.

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